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Hiring an SEO firm can be a difficult process. Our blog post here should make life easier. SEO companies can charge based on a wide variety of billing practices.

Performance based: Performance based SEO – means an SEO firm never charges any fees, until the company delivers. This used to be very popular, but it’s not done as much anymore. Company RankPay – made performance based SEO popular. In this situation, no fees are charged – until the company delivers the promised results.

Monthly billing: This is the traditional form of charging for SEO services. In this billing practice, an SEO firm charges a monthly retainer – and that’s it. A wide array of services are delivered, under this retainer. The firm will typically ask the client to sign a month to month, or long term, contract.

Hybrid: Typically, in a hybrid SEO agreement, the SEO company will charge a flat fee for certain services – like monthly hours of consulting. At the same time, the firm will charge for other services – like link building, and others.

What should you do?

Typically, it depends on your goals. If you’re a small business, you should opt for a monthly billing practice. This can help you keep a tight, and concise budget – without going overboard. If you have burned in the past by other firms, you should consider doing a performance based package.

When hiring an SEO company, you can elect to hire a “general,” SEO company – that services all forms of vendors. Alternatively, you can hire a niche specific agency, for example, you can hire a lawyer SEO company – that only services lawyer, or a healthcare marketing agency – that only services doctors.